The Evangelistic Missionary Fellowship was started by Rev. S. H. Patterson back in 1926. Rev. Patterson had come to Enver with a burden for an outreach of the gospel by radio. He started a church in north Denver, CO, known as the Radio Prayer League and from this church other churches were pioneered throughout the country.

On January 1, 1971 the name of the corporation was changed from the Radio Prayer League to Evangelistic Missionary Fellowship. It was felt that the new name more accurately reflected purpose and intenet of the organizaiton. Today, the EMF has churches in several states and missionaries in South Africa, New Guinea, Mexico, the Middle East and Guinea-Bissau. Through a subsidiary corporation, Evangelistic Alaska Missionary Fellowship, we own and operate a 50,000 watt radio sation, KJNP, in North Pole, Alaska and an FM station, KJNP-FM and Channel 4, KJNP-TV, in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Our vision remains THE WORLD.